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2021 December 15

The Urgency of Reopening Schools

A World Bank study estimates a loss of 0.3 to 0.9 years of schooling. The repercussions of learning loss and increased dropout rates are also likely to diminish the economic opportunities for this generation of students. How have countries responded to these challenges? Do they appreciate the sense of urgency that is required to rise to the challenge?

2021 November 01

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2021 October 29

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The purpose of the COVID-19 Global Education Recovery Tracker is to capture ongoing information about the global status of schools, teachers and students amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This information is intended to be of use for education and public health policy stakeholders and researchers from around the world. In this second year of the pandemic, and as many countries are starting to move from emergency responses towards policies aimed for recovery, the tracker aims to support this process by focusing on data that can help build back better and more resilient education systems.

This tracker is the result of a partnership between the Johns Hopkins University eSchool+ Initiative, the World Bank, and UNICEF.