School Status / Education Modality

How is education being provided in each country?

This map displays educational modalities at the country level as of last survey response.
In-person education: Schools are open, and students have returned for in-person instruction.
Hybrid education: Schools are open combining remote learning and in-person instruction.
Remote education: Schools are closed and students are exclusively learning remotely.
Mixed/multiple: Schools are operating with a combination of the following: in-person, hybrid, remote, and closed due to COVID-19.
Extended Break: Schools are closed due to a regular school calendar closure (e.g., holiday).
No instruction/closed due to COVID-19: Schools are closed due to COVID-19, and no education services currently available.
Unknown/Data Not Available: Unable to obtain information through publicly available data.

Vaccine Availability for Teachers

Are some or all teachers/school staff currently being vaccinated as a priority group?

This map displays if teachers/school staff are currently eligible for vaccination, in at least some areas of the country, as a priority group as of last survey response date.
Note: Some teachers may currently be eligible for vaccine based on age or other priority group status.
Unknown/Data Not Available
To cite this work, use the following: Johns Hopkins University, World Bank & UNICEF (2021). COVID-19 Global Education Recovery Tracker. Last updated as of 9 May 2021. Baltimore, Washington DC, New York: JHU, World Bank, UNICEF.